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Which type of home loan is right for you?

How long would it take you to search 100’s of loans from over 80 different Lenders?  

We can do it in Minutes! Let us do the hard work for you. 

Your needs and situation are like no one else’s. A home loan deal that saves your neighbour (or uncle Joe) money might not be the most appropriate deal for you. That’s why our Finance software platform comparison tool and the experience of our Lending specialists really make a difference.  

An EZ Finance Lending specialist will identify your specific borrowing requirements, then use our Finance software platform to compare hundreds of home loans against those requirements. 

A quick 10 minute phone call with an EZ Finance Lending specialist could save you thousands of $$ in the long run.



"Getting Finance just got easy – EZ"

Types of Car Loans Available

  • Car Loans
  • Finance (CAR & Truck) Lease 
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) 
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Novated Lease ( and Salary Packaging)
  • Fully Maintained Novated Lease
  • Personal Loans
  • Unsecured Loans




Full Docs, Lo-Docs, No-Docs or Private Funding?

  • Business Finance Options
  • Security for business and commercial loans
  • Overdraft
  • Property development finance
  • Business loans /Line of credit/ Term loans
  • Cash flow finance
  • Hire Purchase
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Unsecured business loans
  • Leasing finance
  • Buying or Selling a Business

At EZ Finance we have developed relationships with a range of business and commercial lending specialists and major banks, and is able to assist with business finance for expansion, investment funding, leasing, purchase or refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories and offices or cash flow lending.



SHORT TERM BUSINESS LOANS - Funded Within 24Hrs!  

IDEAL for when you Need Money Fast to Save a Deal, Grab a Bargain, Get the Taxman off your back, Divorce Settlement, Legal Bills, Pay a Deposit, or Whatever!  

As long as the deal make sense and you can make / save money, then a short term business loan may be ideal for you!

Free to apply, no obligation, no financial statements required.  

All you need is:  

  • Real Estate Security
  • An Exit Strategy (how you will repay the loan) 
  • A Beneficial Business Purpose  



Well, we have some good news for you....

We speak to so many people each week who have spoken to their current or preferred bank about getting a loan or to re-finance, just to be told they just don't meet the current lending criteria or that they can't borrow the amount they need!  

Don't despair... EZFinance has so many links to other banks and lending institutions that may look at your situation differently. Not all Banks have the same lending criteria and all lending institutions have a different idea of their preferred customer. EZFinance has the experience and the software platform to link you with a lender who actually WANTS your business.  

If you are looking for a loan and you fall into one of these categories:-

  • Self Employed with hard to verify income?
  • Bad Credit (A credit default or Judgement)?
  • Income a bit too low?
  • A small Deposit or No deposit?
  • Your bank has said NO? or
  •  just don't know where to start or go

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We provide real results, not slick snake oil platitudes. We are a one-stop shop and we speak in a no-nonsense language you can easily understand. RedCap Group is dedicated tohelping business owners to create startegies that drive business performance with measurable results. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit each client, and if you are scared of new innovations, we'll hold your hand though the journer.

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Who Is RedCap Finance Brokers?

RedCap Finance Brokers Collingwood Park Ipswich Qld

RedCap Finance Brokers

RedCap Finance Brokers (BDM for EZFinance Pty Ltd AUSTRALIAN CREDIT LICENCE NUMBER : 392611) 

Collingwood Park (Ipswich) Queensland 4301

Allan W Pearson Business & Commercial Specialist. Allan's focus is on Business Finance with a passion for Small Business owners. Allan has been involved in the finance industry since 1989, when working as a Real Estate Selling Manager for Peter Kurts Real Estate. Allan's qualifications include Cert IV Financial Services (Finance & Mortgage Broking), Cert IV Property Services (Real Estate), B Social Science (Business, Law, Counselling, Theology), Cert Small Business, plus numerous other qualifications. He is the author of UFirst Consulting's "Get Finance Ready" Program designed to assist people to understand how cash and credit flows, so they can understand how money works in order to organise their own financial affairs better. 

Allan is also a Senior Sales and Business Consultant with U1st Realty based out of Collingwood Park, Queensland.

Anti-Discrimination Statement: U1st Realty, RedCap Finance Brokers, RedCap Consulting, EZFinance intends to conduct its daily operations in an equal and fair manner with customers and Third Parties alike. U1st Realty, RedCap Finance Brokers, RedCap Consulting, EZFinance does not discriminate on the basis of an applicant's race, marital status, nationality, gender, age, or religion; an applicant whose income is derived from any government assistance program; or an applicant who, in good faith, exercised rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.